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The analytical laboratory of Biosearch Life obtains maximum accreditation

Biosearch Biosearch Life obtains the ISO 17025 certification for technical competence in their Analytical Services area and is a benchmark in the healthy ingredients sector.
Biosearch Life, a biotechnology benchmark company in the healthy ingredients industry, has obtained recognition from audit experts for the technical competence of its laboratory for testing in the analysis of food products, thus guaranteeing the reliability of the results obtained.
This is confirmed by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC) after granting the ISO 17025 Certification, ensuring the accuracy of the results obtained by the Biosearch Life laboratory in the analysis of food, baby food, cereals, soy extracts, oils, milk and dairy products, among others.
Biosearch Life has obtained this certification upon successfully passing the audits conducted by ENAC in its laboratory, which evaluated the technical conformity of the analyses performed, and the quality management thereof. ENAC has noted that the company applies Good Practices to its analytical testing processes, such as the qualification and calibration of instrumental measurement equipment, the validation of the methods used and the technical competence of its analysts.
ISO 17025 certification is the result of a long process of comparative exercises conducted between laboratories across Europe, which have been assessed by an independent and authorised central entity. This credential provides confidence in the competence of the laboratory to issue reliable results and its ability to provide adequate service to the needs of its customers, given that the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard requires the laboratory to have a quality management system defined by the same standard, in addition to the technical competence requirements.
To maintain this accreditation, Biosearch Life’s laboratory will need to provide continuing evidence of its compliance with the high standards of quality that the standard establishes, as well as a commitment to improvement to be confirmed by ENAC in periodic inspections of the company. With ISO 17025 Certification, Biosearch Life adds value to the Analytical Laboratory activities, building trust in government, customers, the market and society in general.

About Biosearch Life

Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology with a vocation for innovation at the global level. The company is present in the national and international markets supplying to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food sectors, where it is present with its wide range of high quality services and products that revolve around the concept of a healthy life.

Biosearch Life designs bioactive ingredients allowing the development of drugs, dietary supplements and functional foods impacting, among others, the improvement of cardiovascular health, weight control, joint health, cognitive development, immune system or cellular aging.

Biosearch Life provides complete solutions to clients in more than 40 countries for those looking for maximum satisfaction with solutions and a solid portfolio of more than 200 products grouped in lipids, probiotic strains and natural extracts. The company is an international reference in the production and marketing of functional fatty acids (Omega 3), has a probiotic portfolio in the market which is unique for its the origin from breast milk, and offers a full range of plant extracts. In addition, since its creation, Biosearch Life has developed numerous patents worldwide which are the outcome of its efforts in research and development.


Biosearch Life sells its products under three brand names: Eupoly® for its products based on omega 3; Hereditum® for its range of probiotic strains; and Exxentia® for the vegetable extracts line.
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