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Fully committed with the enviroment

At Biosearch Life we are very aware of the importance of maintaining sustainable development, which ensures the continuation of our life sources for future generations. Therefore, our procedures, programmes and guidelines in the various areas of our business activity are aimed at guaranteeing:

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Positive economic development

Biosearch Life's business activity has a positive economic purpose, promoting sustained growth and transformation (R&D) over time.

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Social Commitment

We nurture improvement in the quality of life around us. From the origins of the supply of raw materials, to the well-being and professional development of our employees and end customers. The products we sell have a vocation to improve health.

At an internal level, Biosearch Life fosters equality among its employees, equality in management positions and flexible schedules.

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Respect for the environment

The optimisation of resources is at the heart of the strategy at both an economical and environmental level, always seeking, from the outset the adoption of renewable and sustainable sources of supply.

We have a clear commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to use recyclable resources, promoting this internally in all areas of our business activity:


  • Optimising performance and efficiency.
  • We measure our carbon footprint with the aim of controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced in the development of our activity.
  • Waste and effluent management.
  • BIO certification as an Organic Producer and marketer for the Talayuela plant extracts factory.
  • "Friend of the Sea" certification, certifying the origin and sustainable treatment of marine products.
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  • Our suppliers share and comply with our quality and sustainability policies.
  • We fight against fraud with measures such as the implementation of “DNA barcoding” and the ID package, for identification and traceability of our extracts and plants used in production.
  • Use of ecological raw materials.
  • Use of raw materials with a sustainability certificate: Biosearch life is a member of Friends of the Sea, an organization that certifies the origin and sustainable handling of marine products.
  • Logistical optimisation of the kilometres travelled and means of transport.
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  • Supplying employees with sustainably grown organic fruit, distributed in recycled cardboard boxes, which contributes to workers' health avoiding the use of plastics.
  • Reduced consumption of disposable tableware and plastics.
  • Reduction in the use of paper, thanks to Digitalization processes.
  • Selective waste collection.
  • Reduction of electricity consumption by taking advantage of natural light and intelligent air conditioning systems.
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New extracts’ certification

Bio certification

Talayuela plant has obtained the Certificate as Organic Producers and Marketers, a first step in the manufacture of ingredients labeled Organic / Ecological.


Quality and safety as a priority