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There are various pathologies that particularly affect women because of their anatomy and physiology, such as osteoporosis, disorders due to menopause, genitourinary tract infections, mastitis, etc. Biosearch Life is actively working on the development and assessment of various kinds of natural ingredients that may be beneficial to women suffering from these disorders or pathologies. Worthy of mention are the innovative studies which show how the lactic bacteria present in breast milk are capable of inhibiting the proliferation in the mammary ducts of the potential pathogens that cause mammary gland infections or mastitis, main cause of the abandonment of breastfeeding during the early months of lactation. These results represent a true revolution in the treatment of this disease, which has been neglected for decades despite being a problem that affects up to 10% of mothers during lactation. Biosearch Life continues working in this field in order to be able to offer a natural and effective solution in the near future to mothers suffering or at risk of suffering this problem.

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Biosearch Life has reached a new milestone in the field of child nutrition by demonstrating, in collaboration with the group of Dr. Juan Miguel Rodríguez of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid that for children breast milk is a natural source of bacteria with probiotic potential. After intensive research, Biosearch Life has obtained a range of probiotic strains from breast milk to which it has given the name of Hereditum®. Studying how these probiotic strains can help improve children’s health is one of the company’s strategic lines of research.

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The proper functioning of the Immune System is essential, not only to protect the body from the attack of pathogens, but also to deal with tumour cells and avoid diseases associated with an imbalance in the immune response, such as autoimmune or allergic diseases. Certain situations, such as aging, stress extreme sport practice are associated with deteriorated immune response. Biosearch Life has been working in the field of the immune function for years, and especially in the field of the probiotic breast milk bacteria with great immunomodulator potential.


Constipation, diarrhoea, dyspepsia and flatulence are common intestinal disorders among the population. In many cases, intestinal health is directly related to a balanced intestinal microbiota. Fibres that promote the correct colonization of the intestinal tract, probiotic strains that improve bowel function and extracts with local anti-inflammatory capacity that reduce the symptoms of intestinal inflammation are some of the strategies in which Biosearch Life is actively working.

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Diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) has become one of the most serious health problems of our time. Estimates indicate that by 2030 its prevalence will reach epidemic proportions and will affect 366 million people worldwide. Biosearch Life is developing a strategy for the prevention and treatment of this condition through natural ingredients that act as insulin mimetic improving the condition of insulin resistance typical of these patients.

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Various studies indicate that from 10 to 40% of the general population suffers some osteoarticular disorder, the prevalence increasing with age. This problem is particularly serious in women, in whom the hormonal changes suffered during menopause are associated with patent bone demineralization. Biosearch Life works actively in the development of products that act on the mechanisms involved in the absorption of calcium and the mechanisms of bone formation and destruction, in order to prevent or mitigate the loss of bone density.



Reducing the risk factors of cardiovascular disease through functional ingredients has been a commitment of the company since its inception. Heart-healthy fats that improve the lipid profile of the population, vegetable extracts with antioxidant activity and antihypertensive peptides are some of the lines of work implemented by Biosearch Life in this field.