Product safety and quality policy


The purpose of this Quality Policy is to describe the quality principles that apply in all Biosearch manufacturing plants.


This quality policy is applicable in all Biosearch plants.


The vision of BIOSEARCH is to transform scientific experience and day-to-day work in the field of personal health and well-being, delivering healthy, specialised solutions in the Child Nutrition, Functional Dairy product and Senior and Women’s Health markets. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions based on natural ingredients by leveraging our R&D, production and marketing capabilities.

BIOSEARCH produces and distributes ecological products in our probiotic and plant extract lines. The company has earned ecological certification under EU Regulation (EC) 834/2007, which guarantees that the products comply with ecological agriculture regulations in their production and marketing. The purpose of this Ecological Certification is to ensure products of the highest quality, verifying that all of the products bearing its label and the Ecological Production logo and/or the logo of the Spanish CAAE certification service use only ecological ingredients, which meets the requirements of ecological production.

Our company has therefore implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management System based on the GMP-Food, ISO 22000:2018 standard and the requirements of FSSC 22000 v. 5, which we apply throughout the entire company. We also have a quality management system in Testing and Calibration Laboratories under the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, which is applied in the Analytical Services Department and which meets the following requirements:

  • Commitment of Biosearch’s management to comply with the Food Safety and Quality System, good manufacturing practice, good professional practice, testing quality and the continuous improvement of efficiency.
  • The mission of the Food Safety and Quality System is to meet the needs of customers by means of fluid external communication, in compliance always with legislation applicable to our business activities, providing regular, relevant information to stakeholders in the field of Food Safety and Quality. In analytical activities, only validated analytical methods and/or methods meeting the specifications of the official/pharmacopoeia documents applicable in each particular case are used, always in accordance with customer requirements.
  • The establishment and review of quality, safety and testing objectives that allow continuous improvement in this area, backed by the provision of the necessary financial and operational resources.
  • The monitoring of objectives and the development of preventive and corrective actions required by the circumstances at any time, with rapid, efficient handling of customer complaints and an effective management system for health and food safety alerts.
  • The Food Safety and Quality System will strengthen the culture of teamwork, making the workforce feel motivated and involved in this project for the future. Company Management therefore takes responsibility for the training and awareness of all company personnel of the Food Safety and Quality Management aspects relevant to their posts and to our organisation. It will also ensure fluid internal communication, which is key in all questions affecting the safety of the food products and the analytical services provided.
  • The adoption of similar principles will be promoted among company suppliers, and we collaborate with them to put them into practice, receiving feedback in order to implement improvements.
  • The achievement of the objectives laid down and the principles described above will be guaranteed through regular internal and external audits of the Food Safety and Quality System.

Signed: General Management