Fermented foods constitute a source of commensal bacteria for humans and it has been demonstrated that the dietary deprivation of fermented foods has adverse effects in the intestinal function and in the immune system response in healthy adults (Olivares et al., 2005). Among fermented products, the fermented dairy products have an important role due to their quality and their beneficial properties.

The combination of L. gasseri LC9 and L. coryniformis K8 has been selected by Biosearch Life after an extensive research focused in their characterisation, their safety, their probiotic potential and their capability of producing beneficial effects in humans. The technological and probiotic properties of the strains, L. gasseri LC9 and L. coryniformis K8, make the combination of them the best option for fermented products application. The combination LC9 + K8 exerts exceptional beneficial effects in human health.

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