Mujer y su bebé

Mujer y su bebé

Hereditum® is Biosearch Life’s range of premium probiotics isolated from human breast milk and with the capacity to be transferred to breast milk after oral intake.

Besides their unique and different origin, most of the probiotic strains on the market were obtained from intestinal samples, the Hereditum® breast human milk strains have been selected from hundreds of different strains by their excellent capabilities and probiotics properties, and for their scientifically proven health benefits.

Their singular origin makes Hereditum® not only exceptional candidates for their use in infant nutrition, but also for several other applications in functional foods due to their excellent probiotic potential and technological versatility that ensures their maximum functionality and performance. This is the case for dairy products, fermented or not, infant formulas, supplements, and several others.

  • • Stability: guaranteed stability until end of shelf life in the final application.
  • • Taste: not affected in all tested applications.
  • • Efficacy: all Hereditum® strains are clinically proven to activate immune system and improve intestinal well-being..
  • • R Cost effective: ideal for food fortification.
  • • Expertise: in-house knowledge of a range of successfully developed applications.
  • • Support: close collaboration to guarantee maximum success.

Un bebé


The Hereditum® Probiotics line consists of a series of unique strains intended for different applications. The uniqueness of our strains, protected by various patents, lies in the fact that they have been originally isolated from breast milk.

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    Hereditum® is one of the most widely studied ranges of probiotics, not only because of its unique origin, but also due to its different properties beneficial to human health. More than 30 publications on the properties of Hereditum® have already been published in scientific journals. In these studies, the Hereditum® strains have been shown to be capable of colonizing the human intestine to regulate and balance the intestinal microbiota, leading to improved bowel behaviour.

    Moreover, the Hereditum® strains can modulate human immune defences, reducing the risk of infections and alleviating inflammatory responses in several chronic inflammatory diseases, including mastitis

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    Mano de un adulto agarrando la de un bebé

    Mano de un adulto agarrando la de un bebé


    The importance of breast milk in the development of intestinal flora, the modulation of the immune system and the prevention of infections in the newborn is a well documented fact. However, the presence of bacterial flora in breast milk had never been investigated since it had always been considered a bacteria-free fluid. The loss of antimicrobial activity shown by fresh breast milk after pasteurization, along with our discovery of the presence of bacteria in the umbilical cord and in the meconium of babies, led Biosearch Life to start a research project in order to investigate the possible presence of beneficial bacteria in breast milk.

    Breast milk is the gold standard of infant nutrition since it not only covers the baby’s nutritional needs but also protects it from infections and diseases thanks to the presence of several healthy components.

    Biosearch Life has identified and isolated a new component of breast milk that could be involved in the protection and welfare of breastfed babies: lactic acid bacteria with probiotic features.

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