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The pilot plant has an area of 625 m2 and it has different equipment available (thermal treatment, septic tank, TBA Packaging) to reproduce the same conditions of process and end product, adapting to the needs of each client.

There is also equipment for different types of matrices: EMULSIONS, for spreadable products, ROTARY AUTOCLAVE STERILIZATION for ready to eat products such as children’s food in cups, desserts, creams, TANGENTIAL FILTRATION and TWO STAGE VERTICAL CONCENTRATOR.

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The samples undergo different analytical techniques throughout monitoring.

Nutritional and functional ingredients analysis, to confirm the nutrients of the designed composition or to validate the stability of the sensitive components such as vitamins, plant active substances, antioxidants, etc.

Physicochemical Analysis: Emulsion stability, protein stability, physical stability, viscosity, colour etc., are analyzed.

• <Microbiological Analysis: to confirm asepsis in sterile products or Viable monitoring in developments containing probiotic bacteria.

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For the maintenance and monitoring of the prototypes at the correct temperature we have a series of areas especially for this purpose. The samples can also be monitored in conditions of ad-hoc light exposure.



Go Functional® has a specially trained human team for conducting numerous sensory analyses for many different purposes, such as:

Product development, in which case they can perform:

Profile analysis: A series of selected parameters are established to accurately describe a particular product. These descriptors are quantified for establishing comparisons between prototypes and if necessary with the competition. In the development of functional foods it is particularly useful for monitoring the appearance of unwanted flavours/aromas by analyzing the different samples throughout their life expectancy and/or in different conditions of preservation.
Analysis of preferences: the preferences between samples are analysed, therefore it is especially useful for assessing possible acceptance of a product in the market.

Competitive Analysis: In this case, an analysis of preferences is also conducted.

Validation of processes, approval of raw materials… by the identification of any differences or non differences between prototypes.