Certificación Peñafiel cuadrada

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FSSC22000 certification for the Peñafiel factory

Since April 2019, our Peñafiel manufacturing plant is certified in the FSSC 22000 standard (“food safety system certification”) by AENOR, an accredited entity for the issuance of independent certification to third parties.

This standard supports the Biosearch life Food Safety Management system in the Peñafiel factory, for the design, production and distribution of herbal extracts.

In Peñafiel (Valladolid), Biosearch life has a factory based exclusively on extraction processes with water, without the use of other solvents and with different active purification units (ultrafiltration, centrifugation, osmosis and chromatography) that make it possible to obtain water-based botanical extracts with a high degree of purity.

This certification is a new recognition of the reliability of Biosearch Life’s products, maintaining the high level of trust from its customers and improving its competitive market value.