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Eupoly-®: our EPA and DHA-rich oils, emulsions and powders are specially designed and prepared to ensure their use in many dairy foods (milk, yogurt, cheese, margarine, smoothies, etc.) with an excellent flavour and unique stability

Hereditum® L.coryniformis y L.gasseri: are strains which are used to make functional yogurts without using other enzymes. These yogurts have a clinically proven effect on the immune system and gastrointestinal health.

Exxentia® Isoflavonas: Our isoflavona-rich soya extract provides the possibility of making dairy products for women.

Fibracao: this carob fibre can be used to partially replace cocoa in smoothies without changing the taste of the product and involves a significant cost saving.


Eupoly-® DHA Infant: this refined and deodorized tuna oil is used for many baby foods due to its high purity, good taste, and richness in DHA.

Hereditum® Infant: Our strain named L.fermentum CECT5716 was originally isolated from breast milk and it reduces the incidence of lung and gastrointestinal infections in the baby. There is no other Probiotic in the world with these characteristics.

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Eupoly-® EPA y DHA Premium: a range of over-stabilized oils to enrich long-life juices and soft drinks in Omega-3 (EPA and DHA).

Hereditum® Lactobacillus coryniformis: this probiotic is perfect for making fresh juice due to its high stability in low pH beverages.

Exxentia® Extractos: our extracts of Guarana, Green coffee, Mate, Boldo and Green and Red tea are used in stimulant drinks.

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Eupoly-® EPA y DHA: Both our oils and microcapsules are used in bread, biscuits and pastries to give these products functionality and an excellent flavour.

Hereditum® Lactobacillus coryniformis: this probiotic is perfect for use in bread due to its high stability.

Fibracao: this carob fibre can be used to partially replace cocoa in milk-shakes while maintaining their flavour and with a significant cost saving.

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Eupoly-® EPA y DHA Premium: these over-stabilized oils allow the addition of high concentrations of EPA and DHA to food and drinks intended for patients. Several clinical foods in the world now incorporate our ingredients.

Hereditum® Breastcare: Biosearch Life has been a pioneer in demonstrating the benefits of some probiotics in the treatment of mastitis in lactating women. Hereditum® Breastcare is a product offered in capsules or sachets which helps women when they suffer from chest infections so they do not have to stop breastfeeding.

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Exxentia®: this olive extract rich in polyphenol antioxidants can partially replace vitamin E in animal feed. This substitution involves significant financial savings for the feed manufacturer.

Hereditum®: our Propiotics isolated from pig milk are clinically tested and are beneficial to the growth of the newborn animal.