Exxentia's value chain

Exxentia’s value chain

Biosearch Life optimizes all processes providing maximum value to our customers and their products.

Certified sourcing

Our suppliers are evaluated and approved, guaranteeing GACP compliance. In addition, the following identification techniques are performed to ensure raw material ID compliance.

Biosearch Life implements the identification of botanical species by means of molecular genetic techniques (DNA barcoding). Maximum guarantee and safety of our botanical extracts.

Manufacturing expertise

More than 25 years of experience manufacturing plant extracts with the latest technology, guaranteeing high-quality products, safe and standardized in a specific active principle.

Biosearch Life presents double technology for natural extracts in Spain:

  • Talayuela (Cáceres). Hydroalcoholic extraction.
  • Peñafiel (Valladolid). Aqueous extraction.

In addition, we have improved drying techniques that ensure maximum standardization of assets.

Top quality

Quality Management System implemented in compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000 and GMP standards. Continuously supervised and improved by our Quality Assurance Department.


• ISO 22000* / FSSC 22000** by AENOR
• GMP*** by AENOR
• ISO 17025


• Pesticides free.
• Free of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
• Free of other contaminants.
• Silica Free.

Premium products

Tailor-made extracts to meet our customer’s needs with specific and high value-added solutions.

• From organically grown plants from selected suppliers, no pesticides or GMOs.
• Using validated organic raw materials.
• Extraction process complying with European Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.

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Active Substance Master Files (ASMFs) available for selected herbal extracts aimed at the pharmaceutical industry.

Sustainability commitment

At Biosearch Life we are very aware of the importance of maintaining sustainable development, will ensure the continuation of our life sources for future generations.

Therefore, our procedures, programmes and guidelines in the various areas of our business activity are aimed at guaranteeing:

• Respect for the environment.
• Positive economic development.
• Social commitment.


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