mujer y niño corriendo por un muelle

mujer y niño corriendo por un muelle

Eupoly-3® is the line of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)-rich ingredients. Thanks to a unique process designed by Biosearch Life, we are able to ultra-purify fish oils, preparing them to be incorporated, in a stable manner and with an excellent flavour, to dairy products, baby food, functional drinks and bread, among other foods.

The Eupoly-3® product range consists of oils with different concentrations and ratios of EPA and DHA. These ingredients are used for some of the most widely sold enriched foods in the world.

Eupoly-3® oils can be used in many applications. According to your needs, we provide the products that best suit your application. The Eupoly-3® range is designed for functional foods, especially dairy products, baby food, medical food and high quality food supplements.

  • Taste: special deodorization and stabilization technology.
  • Efficacy: high EPA+DHA content to reach the levels approved in the EFSA claims.
  • Experience: successful application technologies for incorporating Omega-3 in the main food matrices.
  • Support: close collaboration to ensure maximum success.

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    Generally Eupoly-3® Liquid oils have a shelf life of 8 months at room temperature (20-25ºC), packaged in 5-20 kg bags or 190 kg metal drums and transported at room temperature, even for trans-oceanic shipments (Premium grade).


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    Biosearch Life, through its division Go-Functional®, offers its clients complete solutions to enrich their food or dietary supplements with Omega-3, including the supply of ingredients and services. Thanks to its extensive background in the dairy and food industry, Biosearch Life has extensive experience in food applications, especially dairy products. Biosearch Life has developed many Omega-3-enriched products worldwide: UHT and fresh milk, yoghurts, ice creams, smoothies, cream cheese, drinks for clinical nutrition, infant milk (liquid and powdered), bread, biscuits, cookies, pet products, meat products, juices (fresh and UHT), energy bars and capsules (chewable).

    Biosearch Life offers its clients its experience and help in including Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) in their products. The associated services include:

    • Pilot plant tests.
    • Industrial support.
    • Analytic services to ensure the correct addition of Omega-3 to the end product.
    • Legal support and health claims.
    • Clinical studies.

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    Experience in the incorporation of Eupoly-3® in a wide range of finished products (food and dietary supplements) and in the launch of food products worldwide.

    Quality and Purity.

    Stability of oil: transport and storage, refrigerated (4-6ºC) or at room temperature (20-25ºC)

    Additional services:

    • • Clinical studies
    • • Custom developments
    • • Pilot plant tests (prototypes), especially in dairy products
    • • Transfer of technology and know-how.
    • • Regulatory, nutritional and marketing support

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