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Biosearch Life continues to drive its innovation and new product development strategy by applying for two patents in two of its key business lines, Extracts and Probiotics.

The first of the patents, focused on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases for the older population, has been developed within the framework of the “GERAS Research and Development Project: Nature as a source of health for the elderly” (IDI-20190733) . It is a new product based on natural extracts, whose active ingredients would favor the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and coronary heart disease.

The patent is based on the discovery of the ability of almond polyphenols to improve the bioavailability of olive hydroxytyrosol, thus increasing the efficacy of this powerful cardioprotective compound. This research thus demonstrates the synergistic effect of two common plants in the Mediterranean diet to which important cardioprotective properties are attributed.

The combination of extracts prevents oxidation of the atheroma plaque-initiating LDL-cholesterol molecules in cardiovascular disease. The new product also prevents the inflammatory state in situations of moderate hypercholesterolemia, helping to combat cardiovascular disease, one of the biggest global health concerns.

In a clinical study carried out by Biosearch in volunteers with a moderate cardiovascular risk factor, administration of the product for four weeks resulted in 45% less LDL-oxidized compared to the control group, confirming the powerful cardioprotective effect of this combination.

The commercialization of this new product, scheduled for the second half of the year, will be aimed at pharmaceutical companies that sell food supplements and will be focused on Europe, North America, Brazil and the Asia-Pacific area. This market, that of food supplements for cardiovascular health, is constantly growing.

Specifically, the global market for ingredients for heart health is over 2 billion dollars at present and given the demographic evolution associated with the progressive aging of the population, it is expected to maintain constant growth. For heart health supplements, sales exceed $ 11 billion.

The second patent is the result of Biosearch research in collaboration with the group of Professor Jose Manuel Domínguez from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Granada in the framework of the GESTA HEALTH project: “Towards a healthier pregnancy and lactation through modulation of the microbiota in women ”(IDI-20181226). It is a European patent for compound biomaterials that refers to the use of probiotics that are part of a biocomposite (probiotic-collagen-exopolysaccharide) in the therapy of bacterial vaginosis.

The use of probiotic bacteria for the treatment of vaginal infections is widespread. However, the newly developed material takes advantage of the excellent properties of collagen to adhere to the vaginal epithelium along with its ability to provide the probiotic bacteria with a protective medium while the bacterium maintains its ability to produce antibacterial metabolites against vaginal pathogens. This patent protects the use of any Lactobacillus in the formation of this biomaterial, having been demonstrated with several probiotic strains from Biosearch’s own collection.

The commercialization of this new compound will focus on the European market. The company’s business plan focuses the product on the main pharmaceutical companies and aims to achieve a significant increase in sales in the coming years.

In this way, Biosearch Life expands its range of patents and, therefore, its access to new markets as well as food supplements for cardiovascular health, while expanding its range of products for the strategic segment of women’s health.

Mónica Olivares, R&D director of Biosearch Life, has pointed out that: “These new patents are a great step for Biosearch Life. From the company we are very satisfied and committed to investing in R&D in two of our main strategic lines, women’s health and healthy aging. As for the evolution of our key business lines such as Extracts and Probiotics, we hope to continue developing more projects and thus open the doors to new products in the company.”

Both projects have been supported by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the 2014-2020 Multi-regional Program in Spain.