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Biosearch Life signs an exclusive agreement with Angelini to commercialize probiotic Hereditum® Lc40 targeting mastitis in Europe.

•    The probiotic will be launched this year in eight European countries and will be sold in pharmacies as a food supplement.
•    It represents an innovative approach to reduce the incidence of mastitis, a common and painful breast inflammation which affects around 15% of women during lactation, and leads to early abandonment of breastfeeding, a practice recommended by the WHO.

Biosearch Life, the leading Spanish biotechnology company in the world of healthy ingredients, has reached an agreement with CSC Pharmaceuticals, the Austrian-based arm of the Angelini Group in Central and Eastern Europe, for the exclusive commercialization of Hereditum® Lactobacillus Fermentum Lc40 for the preventive and curative treatment of mastitis.
Throughout various clinical studies, Hereditum® Lc40 has proved significant benefits in women suffering from mastitis, a common and painful breast inflammation which affects around 15% of women during lactation, and leads to early abandonment of breastfeeding, a practice recommended by the WHO.
The product will be launched during the second half of 2014, and will be available as a food supplement in pharmacies in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.
“With this agreement, we make the product available for a big population of breastfeeding mothers and the health of their infants in many countries across Europe. This represents a strong motivation for our team, and an important step forward in the commercial development of the product”, says Jose M. Roset, Managing Director of Biosearch Life.
“We are very pleased with our partnership with Angelini on this project. Their wide experience and strong presence in the market, together with their enthusiasm about the product, is a guarantee for success.”

Hereditum® is the brand associated with the range of Biosearch Life probiotic strains isolated and obtained from breast milk, and protected by various patents worldwide.
In addition to their difference in origin, since the strains available in the market do not originate from human milk, Hereditum strains have been selected among hundreds by their excellent skills and their scientifically proven beneficial effects.
The unique origin of Hereditum® makes these products not only excellent candidates for use in child nutrition, but their extraordinary grains properties and technological versatility ensures high performance and functionality in numerous applications for the pharmaceutical and functional food markets.


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breasts associated with breastfeeding which is the first medical cause of the early abandonment of this practice (The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for at least the first six months of life of the newborn, for its benefits on health in the short and long term).
Up to fifteen per cent of women who choose to breastfeed their babies suffer from mastitis, a disease that appears during breastfeeding and that produces inflammation of the breast, in most cases accompanied by infection and severe pain. The treatment that is normally followed, antibiotics, works only in a reduced percentage of the treated cases and automatically implies the abandonment of breastfeeding.
Hereditum® Lactobacillus Fermentum Lc40 not only eliminates the painful symptoms associated with mastitis, it also ensures a low level of recurrence and, due to its natural origin, allows the mother to continue breastfeeding her newborn, with all the health benefits this entails for both of them.

The Angelini Group
Angelini, a privately owned, international group, is leader in the healthcare and wellbeing market in the pharmaceutical and mass-market sectors.
Founded in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, today, Angelini is an international group with branches in 20 countries and worldwide product distribution.
In the Pharmaceutical sector, Angelini focuses mainly on pain relief, inflammation, CNS, cold & flu, oral care & sore throat, gynaecology, disinfection.
Angelini is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Italy by sales volume, with the highest growing rate for prescription market and a leading company in the self-medication sector.
Guided by the President Francesco Angelini, the group employs about 4.000  people. In 2013 the consolidated turnover was about 1.400 million Euros.

Biosearch Life
Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology with innovative vocation at a global level. The company has worldwide presence supplying to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food sectors, where it is present with its wide range of high quality services and products that revolve around the concept of a healthy life.
Biosearch Life designs bioactive ingredients allowing to develop drugs, dietary supplements and functional foods affecting, among others, the improvement of cardiovascular health, weight control, joint health, cognitive development, immune system or cellular aging.
Biosearch Life provides complete solutions to clients in more than 30 countries for those looking for maximum satisfaction with solutions and a solid portfolio of more than 200 products grouped in lipids, probiotic strains and natural extracts. The company is an international reference in the production and marketing of functional fatty acids (Omega 3), has a unique portfolio of probiotic strains isolated from human breast milk, and offers a full range of plant extracts. In addition, since its creation, Biosearch Life has developed numerous patents worldwide which are the outcome of its efforts in research and development.
Biosearch Life sells its products under three brand names: Eupoly® for its products based on omega 3; Hereditum® for its range of probiotic strains; and Exxentia® for the herbal extracts line.

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