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Due to the situation we are experiencing as a result of the spread of the COVID-19, we would like to share Biosearch Life’s vision of the current situation and the measures that we are adopting from the company.
In first place, Biosearch Life is actively working to guarantee the health of its employees by adhering to all recommendations of the health authorities while ensuring continuity in the production activity.
These measures include:

  1. Activation of telecommuting in all areas of the company whose functions can be adapted to this system of operation.
  2. For the production and quality control areas of all centres, the following personnel protection measures have been established:
    • Work with personal protection equipment is mandatory
    • Shift work organization, with two conditions:
      • Ensuring that shifts assigned allow for adequate child custody in the family home.
      • Avoiding physical exposure between members of different shifts.
      • Access restricted to the maximum for outside personnel.

The purpose of Biosearch Life is to maintain the production and distribution of an activity related to the field of health and welfare of citizens, which we understand is strategic at a global level.
From the point of view of the production and commercial activity of the company we would like to detail the following aspects:

  • Production chain: In Biosearch Life we have supplied ourselves with raw materials from the main producers in the world, located mainly in the European Union. After the initial impact, companies worldwide have activated the mechanisms to maintain production activity and there are no blockages at borders to goods beyond the collapses due to the high workload accumulated. Our forecast is that the production activity of the company will continue its ordinary operation in the coming months. Specifically, in the probiotics and extracts segments, where the production system is almost entirely self-sufficient, while for lipids there is sufficient accumulated stock to be able to produce without supply problems over the coming months. Therefore, given the current conditions, in which the frontiers of goods are open and functioning correctly, there is no risk of a lack of stock.
  • Commercial agreements: despite the regulatory initiatives that some local and national administrations are implementing in order to isolate certain populations to contain the spread of Coronavirus, at Biosearch Life we want to confirm the regular commercial development of our products, both to customers who are bringing forward their usual purchases and to those new opportunities that are being generated especially in the field of preventive products for the immune system (probiotics and extracts). For the future, proactive commercial activity is being maintained with equal intensity, adapting if necessary, the company-customer communication channels, but maintaining the highest standards of customer service and accessibility that have characterized us until now.
  • R+D+I: from Biosearch Life we want to confirm the commitment and responsibility of the management and the whole company with the search of new solutions and products that help to improve the health situation of the society, through products developed from our vision and expertise in the field of biotechnology.

The aim of this statement is to convey a message of confidence and transparency to our shareholders, investors and market. From the company we are at the disposal of all those who may have any doubt or need for clarification in order to solve it in the shortest possible time.