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Biosearch Life is revamping its corporate visual identity and unveils its new website

Biosearch Life, a biotechnology company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of functional ingredients for the pharmaceutical and food industry, unveils its new corporate visual identity. This is aimed at renewing its image reflecting its values which shall be implemented in the different products it offers.

Within the company’s main strategic lines, this new identity reinforces Biosearch Life’s positioning and reflects its mission as a brand, which provides innovation in healthy ingredients of natural origin by integrating its capacities for research, development, production and marketing. This brand’s evolution also aims at bringing Biosearch Life’s distinctive values closer to international markets where the company has experienced robust growth over the past few years.

Jose M. Roset, Chief Executive Officer of Biosearch Life, emphasizes that “this new image goes beyond the purely visual. It summarizes and conveys the values by which we work for as well as our identity.”

Biosearch Life is an innovative and dynamic company with a vocation to research, focused on the search of natural ingredients which can prove health-enhancing benefits that help to improve the lives of people. In this regard, water as an essential element for life and present in the life cycle of the products that make up Biosearch Life’s three business areas (probiotics, plant extracts and omega-3 fatty acids) is at the heart of the new logo, which includes a representation of water drops in movement. In addition, the company is also updating the typography of its brand with a more modern and readable design. The blue and green colours as a symbol of water, research and nature still represent the company, although in shades that reflect more dynamism.

New Website

Biosearch Life is also launching its new website, a much more intuitive and easy-to-navigate site, which continues offering all the information on its products. Access from mobile devices is enabled and it will facilitate the company’s positioning in the different markets in which it operates.


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