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Biosearch Life culminates POSTBIO project with new patents on applications of probiotics

Biosearch Life launched in 2011 the POSTBIO Project “New applications of probiotic strains and derived compounds with biological activity”, subsidized by the incentive program for the promotion of innovation and business development in Andalucía, managed by the IDEA Agency and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

As part of this project, Biosearch Life has worked on the development of new probiotic products with very novel functional and technological characteristics that allow its use in remote applications from the classic use of probiotics such as cancer diagnosis, mineral supplements or cardiovascular health.
These developments have been the subject of two new patents: “Probiotic strains having cholesterol absorbing capacity, methods and uses thereof” that protects two new probiotic strains for use in the control of Hypercholesterolemia and theapplied for in 2013 “Probiotic bacteria comprising metals, metal nanoparticles and uses thereof”. Thus Biosearch Life reaffirms its position as a leader of innovation in the field of Probiotic bacteria.
Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology with a vocation for innovation at a global level. The company is present in the national and international markets supplying to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food sectors, where it is present with its wide range of high quality services and products that revolve around the concept of a healthy life.