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Biosearch Life continues with its productive activity

In the face of the new decree of March 29th, which determines a series of industrial activities considered as “essential activities”, due to their participation in the value chain guaranteeing the supply of food, beverages, basic necessities, medicines, healthcare products and protective material, Biosearch Life wants to inform that:

Our centres in Talayuela, Peñafiel and Madrid operate under CNAE-2110, Manufacture of Basic Pharmaceutical Products, included in the list of “essential activities”, so the activity in these centres has not changed. The Granada centre operates under two CANES: CNAE-1089, Manufacture of other food products, which is included in the list of “essential activities” and CNAE-7211, experimental R&D in biotechnology, which has certain functions that are related and essential to be able to continue producing and that are directly linked to production. Therefore, Biosearch Life’s production will be maintained.
We do of course maintain teleworking for all work where possible, as well as extra hygiene and safety measures for staff protection.