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Biosearch Life applies for a patent on Probiotic bacterias regulating cholesterol levels

Biosearch Life has recently registered an application for a new patent to protect two new probiotic strains for use in the control of Hypercholesterolemia: Probiotic strains having cholesterol absorbing capacity, methods and uses thereof”.

This patent is the result of activity performed within the framework of the project entitled: “New applications of probiotic strains and derived compounds with biological activity” (POSTBIO Project), subsidized by the incentive program for the promotion of innovation and business development in Andalucía, managed by the IDEA Agency and funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The aforementioned project was created in 2011 with the aim of extending the potential application of probiotic microorganisms in general and in particular the strains developed by Biosearch Life. The project, which was completed in May 2014, lasted for 3 years with a total investment plan of 2,7 million. With this project, Biosearch life has propelled one of the strategic lines of the company, probiotic bacteria, moving away from  classic applications and opting for new, unexplored or little explored applications.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the population, hypercholesterolemia being one of the main risk factors identified. Among the objectives of the Project the search for new strains with cholesterol level regulatory activity was outlined. Among a set of new bacterial strains isolated from various sources, two strains were selected: a Lactobacillus reuteri isolated from cow milk and aBifidobacterium breve isolated from human milk due its special capacity to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and regulate plasma levels. The subsequent in vivo tests, which were performed in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacology in the Pharmacy faculty of the University of Granada, demonstrated the effectiveness of administering these two new strains to regulate cholesterol levels and to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in animal models of diet-induced hypercholesterol. Although there were earlier references to the hypercholesterolemia activity of certain Probiotic strains, Biosearch Life has gone deeper into the knowledge of the bacterial components and mechanisms implicated in this activity. These studies have enabled Biosearch Life to develop a new product of Probiotic origin with major technological advantages which allows it to be added to food or pharmaceutical matrices of very different types without limiting the viability of the bacteria.

This new patent of Biosearch Life is added to that applied for in 2013 “Probiotic bacteria comprising metals, metal nanoparticles and uses thereof” also a result of the research conducted in the POSTBIO Project. With these new patents Biosearch Life reaffirms its position as a leader of innovation in the field of Probiotic bacteria.

Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology with a vocation for innovation at the global level. The company is present in the national and international markets supplying to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food sectors, where it is present with its wide range of high quality services and products that revolve around the concept of a healthy life.

Biosearch Life designs bioactive ingredients allowing the development ofdrugs, dietary supplements and functional foods impacting, among others, the improvement of cardiovascular health, weight control, joint health, cognitive development, immune system or cellular aging.

Biosearch Life provides complete solutions to clients in more than 40 countries for those looking for maximum satisfaction with solutions and a solid portfolio of more than 200 products grouped in lipids, probiotic strains and natural extracts. The company is an international reference in the production and marketing of functional fatty acids (Omega 3), has a probiotic portfolio in the market which is unique for its the origin from breast milk, and offers a full range of plant extracts. In addition, since its creation, Biosearch Life has developed numerous patents worldwide which are the outcome of its efforts in research and development.

Biosearch Life sells its products under three brand names: Eupoly® for its products based on omega 3; Hereditum® for its range of probiotic strains; and Exxentia® for the vegetable extracts line.