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Who we are

Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology with a global innovative vocation. We bring innovation in healthy natural ingredients integrating our research, development, production and marketing capacities around three product platforms: Omega-3 (Eupoly-3®), Probiotics (Hereditum®), Botanical Extracts (Exxentia®)

Biosearch Life provides complete solutions to clients in over thirty countries for those looking for maximum satisfaction with custom solutions and a solid portfolio of over 200 products. Child nutrition, Functional dairy, Women’s health and Seniors are the segments in which we want to be a benchmark.

manos sobre manos

we do

Since the beginning, the company’s strategy has been based on constant innovation. At Biosearch Life we believe that the innovative spirit and research ambition must be supported by modern, solid technology that allows us to develop and manufacture new products. The production of new functional ingredients requires the design, development, optimization and scaling of new industrial processes which enable us to obtain the active ingredient with appropriate specifications in both purity and physico-chemical and microbiological properties for its use in the food industry.

In this respect, in Biosearch Life we work on the continuous improvement of our different processes of production, extraction and purification of its product ranges.

Besides, the main activities which comprise the daily life of the company and its employees consist in understanding our clients’ needs, providing solutions, working together by and for the client, developing new products always respecting the environment, ensuring their quality and their safety and demonstrating the beneficial effects of such products by nutritional intervention trials in humans.


We are confident that nowadays innovation is essential to compete in the market and is crucial for strengthening our relationship with our clients. From the solid foundation of research and innovation, we have evolved to offer our clients a comprehensive service that includes: design of concepts, co-development of products, sales of functional ingredients, scientific support guaranteed by the medical and scientific community, “ad hoc” studies in human nutrition intervention for our clients, etc.

The sum of these capabilities, coupled with the fact of having three product platforms (lipids, probiotics and extracts) for the entire value chain, sets us apart from our competitors.

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Our facilities

Biosearch Life has designed different industrial production, extraction and purification processes of its different ranges of products. Biosearch Life has three production plants in Spain:In Talayuela (Caceres), the company has a site for the production of functional plant extracts, which enables us to extract a wide range of active substances in a really safe and efficient way by using hydroalcoholic mixtures. In addition, this plant has different units for the purification of extracts by tangential filtration and centrifugation technologies. The concentration and drying processes also have the latest technology to preserve the active ingredients in the best possible conditions. Standardization, milling and packaging facilities are located in an ultraclean environment (clean room) with controlled and treated air to ensure the microbiological quality of our plant extracts. In addition, this production plant includes a pilot plant dedicated to R+D+i.

In Peñafiel (Valladolid), Biosearch Life has a new industrial plant based only on extraction processes with water, without the use of solvents and with different active purification units (ultra filtration, centrifugation, osmosis and chromatography) that can provide basic aqueous extracts with a high degree of purity. Similarly, the plant has a biocatalysis unit for the production of plant extracts of high richness and high bioavailability. The plant is fully automated and has a clean room for the final finished product.

Tuberías metálicas sobre cielo azul

Tuberías metálicas sobre cielo azul

In Granada, Biosearch Life has two totally automated production plants for the production of Omega-3 and probiotics.The facilities for the production of Omega-3 allow us to obtain oils of excellent sensory quality. Controlled features of the production process and the total inertization of production facilities ensure maximum stability of the omega-3, which facilitates its incorporation into any food matrix or pharmaceutical development, without affecting its sensory properties. The Biosearch Life plant has a sturdy and reliable process for producing probiotic bacteria by fermentation and subsequent separation and enrichment without damaging the cell viability of the microorganisms. Similarly, there are technologies that allow freezing and lyophilization to prepare cultures of probiotic microorganisms for their application in food and dietary products.

To maintain its commitment to innovation, Biosearch Life is permanently seeking to incorporate any new technology.

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